Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Hoover Turbopower 3 U2880 With Autosense and Staircleaning

Here is my Hoover Turbopower 3 that I got for free off someone who had no space, need or want for it, so I ended up with it. To the guy who I got it off, thank you very much!

This was Hoovers top of the line upright cleaner from Hoover's range in 1994, it is essentially a Turbopower 2 with a longer hose and it replaced the Turbopower 1000's which were practically the same as a Turbopower 3 but had a shorter Turbopower 2 length hose.
It has Autosense, Permabag System 2, Stair Cleaning and a 1000 watt motor.
The only thing that differed the Turbopower 3 from the Turbopower 2 was that it had a longer hose, longer cable, slightly different hose cady, and a 1000 watt motor, the design of the machine was however the exact same and performed the exact same.

This was in relatively good condition when I got it and it had awful motor bearings, so I swapped it out for a spare motor that I had laying around in my stash of parts. It has all of it's tools and needed a real good clean, on that note, here are the photos of it, first the before pictures and then the after pictures.

Here it is.

And now the after photos.




Other side.

Close up on the cleaner head.

close up on the lettering.

Hoover lettering and royal appointment.

blanking sticker for where originally on early Turbopower 2's would of been a piston back full indicator, rather than the bag full light which they replaced it with.

Bag door specs.

Autosense, senses the power you need.

Hook on the handle to take the extra hose length, the Turbopower 2 did not have this.

They did away with the short crevice tool which the earlier Turbopower 2's had.

Lower hook for the hose when cleaning upholstory, this prevents the cleaner from tipping over when pulling the cleaner about with the hose, this must be removed from the hook when cleaning stairs.

Repossisoned point for where the cord comes out.

On-board tools.

Stair grooming upholstory tool.

It really does reach right to the top of a flight of 13 stairs, which is an average stairs set.

Permabag System 2.

Bag compartment.

Activator brushroll and quick release dust channel.

Made in E.C in November 1995.

 Talk to you later,


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The New Vacuum Blog

Hello everyone, my name is Alex and I imagine most of my followers from my knitting blog will see this new blog, so to all my "existing knitting followers" I have an interest in collecting and restoring old vacuum cleaners, this has been an interest of mine for a very long time. I have been quite busy with the vacuum cleaners at the moment, thus explaining why my knitting machine blog is not up to date, but don't worry that blog is going no where! For all the other people who know me from another site on the internet, this will be nothing new to you :)

The title for this new blog is called "Hoovers...Hoovers...Hoovers!" I thought that would be a fun name to use, mostly because here in the UK "Hoover" is used as a verb to mean vacuum cleaners, no matter what brand the cleaner is made by and secondly, the main brand that I am interested in is Hoover, so, it kind of has a double meaning, which is why I went with it. :)

I will be making posts about my existing collection, inventorying the cleaners individually and also will post when I get any "new" cleaners or other vacuum related things I feel like posting about.

So...I guess I should start now! :)

Talk to you later,